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    Series 490 Industrial Scales

    The Series 490 provides a range of robust, reliable and accurate industrial scales for a wide array of applications.  With more than 10 platform models with capacities from 12Kg to 60Kg and readabilities from 0.1g to 1g, the Series 490 provides a wide range of options for differing applications.

    The Series 490 industrial scales can be configured with 3 different interfaces for control and data acquisition.  The standard terminal, IBK, includes internal calibration, counting, underhook weighing (when supplied with underhook option), checkweighing and percentage as standard.

    The ITK option allows for further direct data entry utilising an alphanumeric keyboard and options for density measurement, minimum sample weight and multi-level back-weighing if required

    Finally the ISK module provides further advancements from the previous terminal with integrated smartbox to enable Finished Packing and verification control and advanced parts counting options.

    Trade stamping of some of the balance configurations (EC/OIML) is also available upon request.

    In addition to these features our industrial weighing scales Series also has:

    • Internal calibration (SCS – Self Calibration System) as standard.  Fully automatic the internal calibration function can be enabled on either time or temperature changes.  External calibration mode can also be accessed enabling calibration engineers or customers with certified checkweights to perform calibration of the balance themselves.
    • IP65 Option.
    • Direct connection to printer via RS232 or utilising Precisa BUS boxes, parallel connection of optional items such as Signal Lamp, Audible alarm, barcode scanner etc.
    • Two balances that provide dual range and floating range capabilities, namely the IBK34,000D-DR & IBK34000D-FR with readabilities of 0.1g up to 12.1Kg and then 1g for the remainder of the range (34.1Kg)

    For further information on our Series 490 industrial weighing scale, simply contact a member of our Sales Team or for price information and a quick quotation, select the Get a Quote button.

    ModelCapacityReadabilityPan SizeDimensionsWeightLinearity
    IBK12000D12100g .1g400*300400*465*150150.2gGet a quote
    IBK18000D18100g .1g400*300400*465*150150.2gGet a quote
    IBK24000D24100g .1g400*300400*465*150150.2gGet a quote
    IBK34000D34100g .1g400*300400*465*150150.2gGet a quote
    IBK34000D-DR34100g .1g400*300400*465*150150.2gGet a quote
    IBK34000D-FR34100g .1g400*300400*465*150150.2gGet a quote
    IBK20000G20100g 1g400*300400*465*150151gGet a quote
    IBK30000G30100g 1g400*300400*465*150151gGet a quote
    IBK40000G40100g 1g400*300400*465*150151gGet a quote
    IBK60000G60100g 1g400*300400*465*150151.5gGet a quote
    • Set for EC / OIML verification, fitted at factory, not verified, available only for balances with EC (/ OIML) Type approval
    • EC-Verification according to 90/384/ECC by Precisa (initial verification) available only for balances with EC (/ OIML) Type approval
    • Protection IP65: protection against ingress of dust and low pressure water jets, fitted at factory, not all types available
    • Wall bracket for display
    • Post for rear mounted display
    • Extended connection-cable indicator to platform available in lengths of 0.1m up to 10m on demand
    • Below the balance weighing feature up to 40Kg
    • Below the balance weighing feature (IP65 version) up to 40Kg
    • External battery pack
    • Dust cover for indicator
    • Anti-theft device
    • Data cable RJ45 / DB9 Female 1.5m (PC)
    • Data cable RJ45 / DB25 Female 1.5m (PC)
    • Data cable RJ45 / DB25 Male 1.5m (Printer)